Plane Passengers Catch Giant Tarantula During Flight

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 09 Nov 2021 17:33
Plane Passengers Catch Giant Tarantula During Flight@directorbrazil/Instagram

Just to make an aeroplane cabin seem even more claustrophobic and tense, imagine what you’d do if you found a giant tarantula having hopped on for a free flight?

Flights are bad enough already: cramped; no leg room; normally accompanied by an annoying child kicking the back of your seat as you desperately try and drift to sleep. What more could possibly go wrong?


Even if you don’t have arachnophobia, a humongous spider is never a nice surprise, let alone when you’re stuck on a flight for around 10 hours.

A plane had just set off from Mexico flying to Brazil when someone realised there was an unexpected passenger in the cabin area, which had managed to stealthily creep onboard.

Tarantula on Plane - Alamy Alamy

Instagram and TikToker @directorbrazil posted a video of the eight-legged guest with the caption, ‘So this just happened on my flight…’


If anyone was getting bored and needed some in-flight entertainment, then this tarantula gave passengers an experience they’ll never forget.

The video shows an excruciatingly large tarantula in all its spindly glory, as those around it whip out their phones, exclaiming, ‘Woahh’ and ‘Oh my God’ as it is escorted down the aisle.

Tarantulas are native to countries such as Australia, the US and much of Central and South America, and the flight is reported as having been operated by Mexican budget airline, Volaris, The Independent reports.


The post has since amassed more than 16,000 views and 100 comments, with users flooding to Instagram in horror. One said, ‘Heeeeeccckkksss no.’

Another wrote:

Nope!!!! Flight over, somebody not checking the bags like they are supposed to.

A third commented, ‘I would have got a heart attack.’


While tarantula’s bites may not be fatal to humans, I fear I may never step on a plane again for the rest of my life.

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