Pomeranian Dog Looks Exactly Like Paddington Bear And It’s Too Much


A tiny, fluffy Pomeranian dog was dressed up as Paddington Bear, and it might just be the most adorable thing to have ever happened. 


Appearing as possibly the best Paddington Bear impersonator ever, these photos of Bertram the Pomeranian have arrived to make our days better.

Bertie is a fluffy bundle of cuteness who was devastatingly abandoned when he was just five months old because his owners thought he was ‘too big to sell’.


Thankfully, the pup was swept up by New York artist Kathy Grayson and given a whole new life – along with an Instagram account used to document his tails.

The delightfully cute dog can often be seen looking fancy in bow ties, enjoying luxurious baths, and just generally having a great time.

Bertram even has a job at his owner’s contemporary art gallery The Hole, in New York City.

Though the pom’s role at the gallery isn’t entirely clear, I can imagine he’d be a pretty good salesman. He could just give people some intense puppy dog eyes until they buy things.


The chocolate Pomeranian was recently dressed up by his owner and turned into the spitting image of Paddington Bear, complete with red hat and warm blue coat.

Looking like he would perfectly suit the mischief Paddington Bear regularly gets into, Bertie gazed up at the camera and now undoubtedly warms the heart of everyone who sets eyes on him.

The playful dog found more uses for the hat than simply wearing it, and could also be seen playing tug-of-war with his new accessory before tottering off with it in his mouth.

Paddington BearStudioCanal

The caption explained that the outfit was actually the dog’s halloween costume.

It read:

So my Halloween costume arrived a few months early tho makes a pretty fun fetch toy for now

While he probably prefers some tasty biscuits to a marmalade sandwich, I’d say Bertie makes an excellent Paddington.

Check out his fancy dress here:

Of course, people were quick to express how happy the photo had made them, leaving gushing comments on the Instagram post.

One person wrote:

a Pomeranian dressed as Paddington bear…this has made my day

Another made sure the joy was shared far and wide by tagging their friend in the post:

tagging u this wholesome puppy to brighten up ur day

I think Bertie has already won the prize for best halloween costume 2018.

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