Proud Mum Dog Confused When She Gives Birth To Four Baby ‘Cows’


When a dog gives birth, wait, when anyone gives birth, you expect the little things to basically look like the parents, only tinier. You don’t foresee them looking like cows, which is what one dog discovered recently. 

A golden retriever mix, who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, was taken in by Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. A pair of experienced fosters offered her a temporary home.

Katie and John Black have been fostering over 20 dogs just short of a decade, and were fully prepared to take on the responsibility of helping Rosie take care of her imminent family.

However, they weren’t expecting Rosie to give birth to four puppies that look like baby chuffing cows. MOOOOOOOOOO!

They favor their Father we are assuming… #rescuepups

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They're all milk drunk. ❤️?#rescuepups #mamabear

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Katie posted a picture of the new mother and her weans and said:

Not quite what we were expecting. Our foster dog and Golden mix gave birth yesterday. To baby ‘cows’.

In the picture, Rosie looks really confused. A bit vacant, if not a touch thick. But hey, who am I to have a go at a new mother? Rosie, if you’re reading this, it’s all good baby baby.

The four black and white spotted puppies are named Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle, and Moo. No one knows what kind of dog the father is (typical man), but it’s highly obvious he’s not a retriever like this bitch.

Now look, I don’t intend to move on so drastically, but it’s been a pretty sweet week for dogs. Earlier this week one hard-working dog who saved 12 people’s lives got her very own statue.

An earthquake in Mexico City in September 2017 resulted in hundreds of casualties, when it reached a magnitude of 7.1. Nearly 400 people died as a result, and following the disaster, a heroic Labrador retriever named Frida, helped rescue people who’d been affected by the disaster.

Frida belongs to the Mexican navy’s canine unit, and searched through the rubble after the disaster. She was credited with saving 12 lives, and a bronze statue has since been erected in her honour.

The dog came face to face with the statue, which stands in an ecological park in Puebla City. She pressed her nose up against it, seemingly investigating and gave her look-a-like a good ol’ sniff.

Frida attended the ceremony in a jacket, protective goggles and little boots – matching the uniform of the statue.

Just when things couldn’t get better for the heroic bitch, Frida has also been immortalised in a mural outside Mexico City.

The clever af eight-year-old dog has assisted in several rescue missions in her six-year career, her ability evident from a young age. The dog reportedly had all the key qualities of a good search dog, including an instinct for hunting and a strong sense of smell.

Frida could move on to mentoring younger dogs as she grows older, but for now, she’s still putting her nose to good use as she works for the Mexican navy.

When her career comes to an end, the Lab will be offered up for adoption to navy personnel – I can imagine a lot of people will be happy to take Frida on, but they might have some competition from one of her handlers, Emmanuel Hernandez.

Frida and her fellow dogs are all represented through the statue – and boy do they deserve it. Now throw ’em a couple of bones will ya?

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