Pug Takes ‘Angry Poos’ On Owner’s Favourite Things When He Feels She’s Wronged Him

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 05 Jan 2020 11:57
Pug Takes 'Angry Poos' On Owner's Favourite Things When He Feels She's Wronged HimMercury Press & Media

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dogs are, without question, the greatest animals on earth.

Not only are they amazing company, but they miss you desperately whenever you leave and offer the warmest greetings when you return.


But it’s easy to forget our furry friends have personalities of their own, and while they are more loyal than any human is capable of, if you wrong them, they will know about it.

In fact, some sassy pooches will go out of their way to let you know they know about it, whether it’s hiding in the corner of the room shooting you daggers as you get ready to abandon them for a day at work, or shitting on your favourite possessions for sweet, sweet revenge.

Pug Takes 'Angry Poos' On Owner's Favourite Things When He Feels She's Wronged HimMercury Press

The latter comes after a woman in the US claimed her pug poos in the house whenever he feels as if he’s been let down by his human.


Holly Munoz, from Kentucky, claims her seven-year-old doggo Frank is completely house trained, but whenever he feels like he’s been wronged, he plots to get his own back, by having a shit on her prize possessions.

The 40-year-old dog mama first discovered Frank’s revengeful ways when she came home from holiday last year to find a turd waiting for her on her pillow. Charming.

She had an idea that he might be doing it to spite her for leaving him with a dog sitter, and since then, he has initiated his foul practice a further 15 times – doing his business in her make up bags, inside her shoes and on a box of crackers.

Pug Takes 'Angry Poos' On Owner's Favourite Things When He Feels She's Wronged HimMercury Press

Holly said:

You name it, Frank’s pooed on it. He has incredible aim. He definitely does it on purpose, he wants to make sure we know he’s angry.

One time, I came back from a trip and he had pooed on my crackers and in my makeup bag. He’s an angry pooer. If we go on vacation then he will poo on something.

My son, Oliver, is his favourite person, they sleep together and they’re attached at the hip – so when he went to a sleepover Frank was annoyed and he pooed in my shoe.

I’ll probably spend the next seven years finding and cleaning up his angry poos.

Pug Takes 'Angry Poos' On Owner's Favourite Things When He Feels She's Wronged HimMercury Press

Fortunately, the pair have a close enough bond not to be torn apart by Frank’s dirty protests:


I picked him out of a whole litter and made him a part of our family, and you can’t un-family someone just because they poo in your shoe.

We have three other dogs but we know it’s him every time. He doesn’t even have a guilt face, there’s no shame at all.

We foster dogs and we think he’ll do it if he feels slighted or because he wants more attention. But I still love him. He is the most loving dog. He loves the kids and every time they aren’t here he’s beside himself.

Does anyone else seriously respect Frank?

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