Puppies Steal The Show At Chilean Military Parade

Puppies military parade ChileReuters

No parade is complete without puppies. The softer and cuddlier the better, and it appears Chile have absolutely the right idea on this front.

A precious bunch of golden retriever pups have marched in Chile’s annual military parade; proudly celebrating the country’s 208th Independence Day. One day, these babies will grow big and strong enough to serve as police dogs, but for now, the only crimes they’re solving are the midday blues.

Curled up cosily in the neon green pouches of police trainers, these balls of fluff were closely followed by rows and rows of adult golden retrievers, looking dignified as they marched beside uniformed men.

The grown up goldies were even wearing little booties – as well as big, beaming smiles – just in case this pooch parade wasn’t already reaching dangerous levels of cuteness.

These dogs belong to the Canine Unit of the national police force of Chile, known as the Carabineros de Chile. The nine new puppies are the latest recruits, and appeared quite curious about all the goings on as they peeked out of their pouches.

The parade itself took place at the Bernardo O’Higgins Park in Santiago, Chile, with over 9,500 Chilean troupes in attendance.

This year, the puppies truly stole the show, with people all over the globe longing to give them a pat.

Those who’ve watched footage of the parade have more or less melted into think air at the sight of their sleepy little faces and paddy paws.

One person squealed:

That looks like Peace on Earth. We’d all be happy if we had a dog in our arms or by our side. [sic]

Another cooed:

Golden retriever police dogs.., I would immediately plead guilty so I could play with the doggie! [sic]

Others took the opportunity to praise the remarkable role of dogs who devote valuable walkies time to serving their country.

One person commented:

Those police dogs are true professionals. They help fighting crime, drug traffickers, and most importantly, they are corruption and bribe proof. They thrive on love, recognition, a decent retirement age and a welcoming home when they retire (I have seen their work in Chile). [sic]

Another said:

There is something so beautiful about this video. Dogs are man’s best friend. Side by side to serve and protect! [sic]

This is the best sort of parade. We salute you, good boys!

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