Puppy Brother Comforts Sick Sister At Vets

puppy consoles sisterViralHog

This is the heartbreaking moment a puppy comforts his sick sister at the vets.

Without wanting to sound like a melt, we really don’t deserve dogs do we? Day in, day out, there they are showing us up.

What’s more, they don’t want any recognition for the deeds they do or the emotions they show. No Academy Awards for this hound, thank you very much. It’s all natural, baby.

The way this pooch consoles his sister is straight from the heart. As true as you like and enough to draw a tear from the most cynical punter.

Watch it right here:

Dr Mohammad Buyahya, who shot the video, said:

I filmed this video with my phone’s camera when 2 puppies came in that were treated for the Parvo Virus in my clinic Africano Centre in Cairo. The male puppy had made a recovery before his sister, and he was acting so worried and emotional about her and started to give her his support and love until they both made a full recovery.

I understand what you’ve just seen is very upsetting. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe you’re a sociopath. In that case you don’t need to hear any of the following.

For those who need a canine pick-me-up, look at this good boy demonstrating the perfect way to cross a road safely.

Brilliant dashcam footage caught the unaccompanied doggo waiting patiently at the side of a road by a zebra crossing, until the road was clear and it could cross safely.

Presumably having spotted the lone canine waiting at the side of the road, the driver with the camera came to a halt in front of the designated crossing.

The dog takes a couple of steps towards the road, but makes sure to check the other lane of oncoming traffic before stepping out.


It waits patiently as a couple of cars overlooked the smart animal and carried on driving. The clever canine was finally able to cross when a white van stopped the line of traffic to give the pup a free path for safe crossing.

Maintaining its cautiousness, the dog checks the cars were still at a standstill before stepping out, and trotted across the road to continue its mystery journey.

We don’t deserve ’em. Left to their own devices, I bet they’d be living on Mars by 2020.

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