Puppy Poos On TV Host’s Breasts Live On Air


A world without puppies would be a sad one indeed – there is nothing more adorable on this earth, or, of course, more mischievous.

A tiny baby Russian Toy pup went full puppy recently on an Argentinian talk show, pooping on the sizeable bosom of TV host Susana Gimenez – Argentina’s very own version of Oprah Winfrey.

Could this mishap be stage fright? Or is the hamster-sized creature actually the 21st century’s answer to Johnny Rotten?


Live on air, the buxom blonde presenter – who is widely regarded to be Argentina’s biggest celebrity – held the titchy ball of fur in one hand and chatted to the camera with ease.

The canine guest was apparently nervous about his big moment – during the very last show of 2017 – hence why he needed a cuddle from the host. Susana explained: ‘he’s very afraid’.

However, the puppy got a little too relaxed and the diva quickly realised something horrifying.

The precious little dog had done a doggy doo-doo right down the front of her expensive looking designer dress – on top on her sizeable breasts.


The very youthful looking 73-year-old screamed for assistance, and two acolytes in matching suits rushed on set to scrub up the plop with tissues.

As they dabbed away desperately, Susana was heard to cry: ‘I’m dying, I swear, I’m dying’ with an expression of complete shock. She also shouted: ‘Come, bring alcohol!’

One assistant lightened the mood, joking: ‘I never imagined [this]. I smelt something, but I thought it was yours!’

The other assistant expertly carried away the cheeky puppy, who was wagging his tail proudly. No post-show biscuits for this defecating doggo…


Luckily, Susana was able to see the funny side, remarking: ‘Well, it does not matter, it’s luck, it’s luck!’ after the droppings were wiped away. The veteran presenter then continued with her long-running show without missing a beat.

Its this level of professionalism – even when faced with surprise poop – which has led to Susana’s chat show being such a phenomenal success. Running for 30 years, it is the highest rated programme ever to be aired in Argentina.

Susana herself is a one woman powerhouse, having acted in over 30 films and 10 plays. She runs her own magazine – where she is on every cover, natch – and even has a perfume brand and fashion doll range.

Watch the sweet, star-struck baby pup forget his manners below and feel better about your public acts of clumsiness:

[ooyala autoplay=”true player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ auto=”true” width=”1280″ height=”720″ pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”92Zm9mZDE6N_8EDAZkthfFWsHr4e8wWm”]

Credit: CEN

The messy scene was watched by 14 million viewers live, and later shared on social media. Now people all across the world are falling for this breast-pooping bad boy.

One person remarked: ‘IT’S GREAT!!!! The truth, last night when I saw it, I did not stop laughing’.

Another person commented: ‘I thought it was yours the phrase of the year’, while another said: ‘I can not stop laughing Haha is the best of the year!’

Susana Gimenez/YouTube
Susana Gimenez/YouTube
Susana Gimenez/YouTube

Its true what they say about never working with animals, no matter how cute and innocent they may be.

Talk about a pooper reel…