Puppy Rescued From Fire Grows Up To Become A Firefighter


Jake was only a few weeks old when he was trapped in a burning shed last September.

But what ultimately started out as a near-fatal tragedy for the pup transformed his life for the better, thanks to a South Carolina firefighter.

William Lindler saw smoke coming from his neighbour’s yard and heard them yelling that their puppy was in the building, so he leapt into action with firefighting gear in hand.

He saved the pit bull, but Jake suffered 75 per cent burns to his body and paws, and was abandoned by his owners, Bored Panda reports. So, for the second time, Lindler saved Jake and decided to adopt him.


While he recovered, Jake became a regular at the Hanahan Fire Department and he now tags along with Lindler to teach children about fire safety. And, in December, he became an official member of the team.

Lindler hopes that Jake will become a therapy dog for children who have suffered burns.

Speaking to Bored Panda, he said:

I would like for them to know that no matter how bad it is, this little guy beat the odds being burned as bad as he was at four weeks old and he’s still beautiful.


You can follow Jake’s progress here.