Puppy Spotted Holding Owner’s Hand To Cross Busy Street

Dog holds owners hand@NatBCo/Twitter

I have a long, busy, drizzly week ahead of me, and the only thing pushing me through is perusing adorable, cuddly pets doing cute things.

Luckily, I’ve got the sort of job where I can do just this in the name of ‘research’, and I’ve come across perhaps my favorite good dog clip of all time.

And this is coming from someone who spends most of their free time liking tweets from both We Rate Dogs and Chonky Animals in rotation.

A clip has gone viral which shows an absolutely precious dog portraying very sensible road crossing skills, holding his human papa’s hand as he trots along like a tiny fluffy person.

The footage was captured by American journalist Natalie Compton, who’d journeyed to Nepal to hike up to Everest Base Camp.

Compton shared the clip on Twitter, with the extremely understandable caption:

The most surprising 15 seconds of my life by far.

The internet promptly melted with the cuteness/weirdness of it all, with one person suspecting ‘dog sorcery’. Another suggested the tiny guy was actually a human transformed into a dog.

Speaking with The Dodo, Compton said:

I had a few days in Kathmandu before the hiking started.

I had found a local gym to keep up my training for the trek, and was sitting outside of the gym building resting after my workout. The streets of Kathmandu are mesmerizing to watch.

I’d seen a million cute dogs since I’d gotten to town, some wearing sweaters, most very friendly and curious.

I started taking a video of the dog just because that’s just something I do as a good dog-loving millennial. Suddenly his owner summoned his paw.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when they walked across the street like that.

Genuinely can’t stop watching this clever little fellow and his road crossing expertise. What a sweet and surprising moment!

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