Python Immediately Regrets Scrapping With Honey Badger

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Dec 2019 16:41
Python immediately regrets fighting honey badgerRoselyne Kerjosse/Caters

Snakes can be pretty terrifying when they want to be, but a python turned out to be no match for a honey badger when the two animals went head to head. 

The tense fight made for an incredible show for a group of tourists – and a seemingly unimpressed buffalo – who came across the scene while on a safari at Chobe Park in Botswana.


At first it looked like the snake was going to take the win, and possibly even finish off the honey badger, as it wrapped itself around the mammal’s body, but the determined black-and-grey animal fought back and soon gained the upper hand.

You can watch the battle unfold below:


The violent display of nature became more interesting with the arrival of a jackal, who decided to get involved by snapping at the python.


The angry snake managed to fend off its new opponent but became distracted in the process, allowing the honey badger to wiggle free from its grip and get its teeth around the reptile. The mammal didn’t waste any time and started dragging the snake towards some bushes, presumably where it planned to bring the match to a brutal close.

Seemingly not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to show the python who was boss, the jackal continued to pounce at the two animals and before long another jackal arrived on the scene to see what all the fuss was about.

Python wrapped around honey badger during fightRoselyne Kerjosse/Caters

The honey badger wasn’t too impressed with the interruption, however, and soon the mammals began fighting between each other, with one jackal biting at the honey badger’s tail while the other attempted to pull the snake from the honey badger’s grip.


In the midst of the chaos, the snake became motionless and after successfully fighting off the jackals the honey badger made off towards the bushes with its victim.

The impressive showdown was captured by tourist Roselyne Kerjosse and shared on YouTube, where viewers described the scene as ‘amazing’.

Badger fights jackal while trying to get pythonRoselyne Kerjosse/Caters

Throughout the video, a safari guide can be heard asking whether anyone is filming the scene as he admitted he’d never seen anything like it.


He commented:

This is a nice sighting, guys. I’ve never seen something like this … This is the best sighting I’ve ever had.

Though the honey badger isn’t a very big animal, the creatures have been described in the Guinness Book of Records as the ‘most fearless animal in the world’.

Badger drags python into bushes after fighting jackal for itRoselyne Kerjosse/Caters

They get their name from their fondness for feeding on honey, though the creatures also like to make meals out of everything from berries, fruits and roots to insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals, according to National Geographic.

Their sharp teeth and long claws allow them to easily rip meat from bone, and the video above proves they’re not afraid to fight for their food.

I think it’s safe to assume the fight didn’t end well for the snake but it definitely left the tourists with a good story to tell!

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