Rare Endangered Black Rhino Gives Birth To Calf At Chester Zoo


A rare endangered black rhino has given birth to a calf in front of a bunch of tourists at Chester Zoo.

Malindi the rare black rhino delivered a baby rhino following a whopping 15-month long pregnancy.

As it stands, there are only 650 black rhinos left in the wild thanks to the dastardly doings of poachers.

Rhino’s usually give birth in the night, but Malindi chose to bring her calf into the world to the shock and delight of many visitors to the zoo.

The male rhino calf was delivered within half an hour.

Tim Rowlands, who is Chester Zoo’s curator of mammals, said:

Visitors to the zoo were treated to something incredibly special when Eastern black rhino, Malindi, went in to labour in front of them.

With just 650 Eastern black rhino left in the wild, seeing the birth of a new calf and it’s very first steps is a very rare and special event indeed.

The new born was delivered onto soft wood mulch and within next to no time it was up on its feet and running around – it couldn’t have gone any smoother.

Although it’s still very early days, the little one is showing great signs by feeding regularly and mum and calf appear to have bonded very quickly.

We just hope this new calf helps us to raise some much needed attention to this truly magnificent species, and inspires urgent action to protect their future on this planet. We cannot and must not allow this subspecies to become extinct – a fate which has, tragically, already become of some of its cousin.

The zoo’s Collections Director, Mike Jordan, said:

This new arrival is a real boost to a critically endangered species. It increases the number of Eastern black rhino at Chester to 11 and is another vitally important success story in a Europe-wide breeding programme for these highly threatened animals.

A thriving, healthy population of this high profile species in good zoos is vitally important to the future of this species and a key component of our mission to prevent their extinction.

This news follows a story of a Russian circus coming under fire for using a white rhino called Mafa to perform acts.

Social media users were furious when footage taken in Russia was released, showing the rhino being forced to parade and carry a man on its back in a circus ring, while the trainer holds whips at the ready.

The wild African mammal is seen turning away from the trainer as he approaches with the whip, echoing the horrible training it must have been put through.

Another clip shows, what’s thought to be the same rhino at the Safari Circus in Moscow, sitting under a spotlight and hesitating a few times before setting off.

Currently 19,600 – 21,000 white rhinos exist in protected areas and private game reserves, but, on average, three rhinos are poached every day across Africa.

Hopefully we as the human race can learn to think for other species’.

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