Reporter Can’t Contain His Glee When Random Puppy Interrupts His Live TV Segment

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Feb 2021 17:52
Reporter Can't Contain His Glee When Random Puppy Interrupts His Live TV SegmentFOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

A news reporter was left unable to contain his glee after a random puppy interrupted his live TV segment.

Fox 5′s Bob Barnard had been out reporting on weather conditions in Leesburg, Montgomery County, helping locals to scrape snow off their cars while making quite a few witty wisecracks about Ted Cruz’s ‘escape’ to Cancun.


Just as Bob was discussing the condition of the icy roads, a sweet puppy rushed over to greet him, chaotically derailing the report in the cutest way possible.

You can watch the adorable news clip for yourself below:


The excitable little pup was a telly natural, wriggling about before letting Bob pick her up, greeting him with a few friendly licks to the face.


Addressing his colleagues back in the studio, Bob quite understandably announced:

Forget the people we talked to earlier. I want to get to know this dog.

An owner was not immediately visible. As anyone who has ever owned a puppy can tell you, they are slippery little things, hellbent on rushing out and greeting new friends as soon as your back is turned.

As the pup wagged her tail quite happily in Bob’s arms, Bob’s colleagues could be seen smiling from ear-to-ear at the sight of the tiny interrupter.

BobFOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

Just as Bob was joking about setting up a dog-sitting service – ‘I won’t charge for this one, this is a freebie!’ – the puppy’s owner could be seen dashing down the snowy driveway to collect her, wearing some very cosy-looking knitwear.

Apologising for her dog’s daft antics, the owner explained that she had managed to jump over the gate, apparently curious about what was going on in the neighbourhood.

A delighted Bob remarked:


She got through the gate, she wanted to see us!

The puppy’s name was revealed to be Pierogi, which does suit her well. For those who don’t know, pierogis are little filled dumplings made by wrapping unleavened dough around savoury or sweet fillings. And Pierogi is absolutely a sweet, little dumpling.

BobFOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

Viewers have fallen paws over tail for the budding canine broadcaster, with one person commenting:


This reporter is awesome! Such a cool dude. Pierogi was having way too much fun in the snow.

Another said:

This is the most wholesome news report I’ve ever seen.

The segment ends with Bob declaring ‘life is good’, before promising to set up a playdate between Pierogi and his own dog, Meredith. We need an update on this new friendship soon please!

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FOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube
  1. FOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

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