Reporter Investigates Where This Dog Goes All Day, Has Best Day Ever


The phrase it’s a dog’s life has always been seen as a negative thing but if I had this particular dog’s life I’d be made up!

Meet Sacchan an adorably chubby mongrel stray who according to his owners is ‘the most popular dog in the neighbourhood’ and goes mysteriously missing almost every day.

Curious to find out what adventures their daring dog is having without them, Sacchan’s owners recruited a TV reporter to follow the animal and work out what he’s doing.

The host quickly discovered that Sacchan lives the life you’d expect a celebrity to live, wandering round the town doing whatever the hell he wants to and being adored for it.

I can’t believe I’m jealous of a dog…

Anyway, the precocious pup begins his day by heading to visit the neighbours where he takes a bath with the lady of the house, let’s hope the tabloids don’t find out, before wandering back home.

Sacchan doesn’t stay home for long though, hitting the road and heading into town to visit his old friend (and suspected lover) Chibi

Chibi’s owner claims that Sacchan pops in most days for a quick visit and they’re more than happy to give him a quick feed before he makes his next stop at a local pharmacist.

Apparently the pharmacist is Sacchan’s favourite watering hole and he pops by everyday for a drink of water from a bucket outside, presumably to hydrate himself for his next stop the train station.

The train station’s basically the dog equivalent of social media with every passerby stopping to pet Sacchan and tell him he’s a good boy.

While at the station the host also finds out why Sacchan is so fat despite going on walks everyday, a lot of those passing by feed him treats and snacks which he greedily guzzles down.

Like a Hollywood star who’ had too much to drink the pudgy pooch doesn’t even bother to get himself home, relying on the reporter to call his owner to come and pick him up in his car.

And I thought I pampered my pets…