Rescue Dog Wiggles Finally Finds Forever Home After Decade In Shelter

by : Daniel Richardson on : 12 Feb 2021 18:30
Rescue Dog Wiggles Finally Finds Forever Home After Decade In Shelter5A's Animal Shelter/Facebook

Wiggles spent more than 10 years in an animal shelter, but the adorable pitbull mix finally has a home and a family. 

For almost 11 years, Wiggles has stayed at an animal shelter in Godfrey, Illinois. 5As Animal Shelter had hoped to find a home for the three-year-old dog when she first arrived, but she has had a series of issues that prevented a quick adoption. Fortunately, the cute dog now has a family to look after it.


The dog trainers at the shelter are thrilled that Wiggles now has a permanent home.

dog adoption 5As Animal Shelter/Facebook

When Wiggles first arrived at the shelter, she was unfriendly with other dogs and didn’t like people. As a result, the dog was not appealing to many homes. Eventually, Wiggles became better behaved, but in 2016 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a golf ball. The tumour was not operated on because it could harm the dog, and this alongside specific dietary requirements has reportedly put people off adopting the dog.

One family has seen through these issues though, and dog trainer at 5As, Karla Crane, told CNN about the adopting family, ‘They’re perfect. We couldn’t ask for anybody better’.


The story of Wiggles will lighten the hearts of many, but it is symptomatic of a greater issue in animal shelters where older dogs are not adopted.

Wiggles gets home 5As Animal Shelter/Facebook

Krane explained:

If a puppy comes in, they’re adopted within a month – sometimes within a week. Older dogs that come in… they’re the ones that have to stay here until we find a family.


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Nonetheless, the dog trainer still believes that every animal has a perfect family waiting for them, just like Wiggles.

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    After a decade in a shelter, a rescue dog named Wiggles finally has a home