Robert Downey Jr Photobombed By Hilarious Dog


Robert Downey Jr has provided us all with a welcome break from the real world this week.

A paparazzi photo has become one of the funniest viral images of the year thus far, and it’s fair to say Twitter is having a collective titter at the unfortunately-timed picture.

The 51-year-old Iron Man actor was snapped innocently enjoying a little family TLC in the sunshine with his wife, Susan, along with other Hollywood stars, including Kristin Cavallari back in ’09.


Seven years passed before hawk-eyed viewers noticed something suspect going on in the background at this family-friendly alfresco affair.

TV presenter, Jamie East first bought the NSFW implication of this photograph to the public’s eager attention.

His explicit observation has been retweeted almost 30,000 times and has received the approval of nearly 50,000 Twitter accounts.

In this utterly ‘WTF’ image, the oblivious humans bask in the sun as their golden Labrador appears to be enjoying an intimate moment with his human.

The strange angle and wooden panelling of the beach residence covers all manner of  ‘sins’, so that the dog appears to be enjoying himself between a pair of human legs, presumably attached to a body.

Twitter has responded accordingly, with varying degrees of hilarity.

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As the bone puns flooded onto Twitter, you can’t help but smile at the joys of badly timed snaps.

Robert Downey Jr has a colourful history of calling out the paparazzi.

Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this dog’s dinner.