Rogue Chicken Causes Absolute Havoc On Wet Cement

Chicken ruins wet pavementViralHog

They say in show business you should never work with animals or children. But judging by this footage of a rogue chicken making a nuisance of itself on wet cement, maybe the sentiment should apply to all work environments.

Don’t be fooled by the confused demeanour of everyday poultry. They may appear disoriented and oblivious to the world outside of their pen, but I reckon it’s all facade. They know full well of man’s coming and goings and they are secretly biding their time, waiting to strike.

If you need evidence of their diabolical nature the footage below, of a chicken ruining a pavement of wet cement, should suffice.

Oh, the humanity:

The incident occurred this year in August, in Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia. It appears this runaway chicken was able to escape the KFC farmhouse and make its way to a group of road workers who were laying down cement for a roadside pavement.

The workers were interrupted from their work by the chicken who decided to undo all their hard graft by trudging through the wet cement. Who knows what the motivation was, do you really want to peer into the chaotic mind of a chicken? Maybe it was revenge for its fallen brethren who have sacrificed their lives for countless Sunday roasts, Christmas Day meals and cheeky trips to Nando’s.

Or maybe the chicken was lost and confused. Yeah, it was probably that.

Chicken ruins wet pavementViralHog

Amir Abd rabou, who filmed the footage, explained:

We were working away in a busy suburban area when I look up to find a nothing but a chicken walking through all our freshly paved work. We bullfloated the concrete and chicken got distracted by the yellow star picket caps and pecked at them for the rest of the job. Around 3 he disappeared into someone’s front yard.

Amir and his work buddies thought it would be the last they’ed see of their disruptive, feathered friend but lo and behold he was back the next morning with the intent to do more damage to their freshly cemented pavement. In a bid to stop the chicken he and his colleagues ‘put caps everywhere, all over the dry concrete, and he was off’.

Chicken ruins wet pavementViralHog

In hindsight, its wrong to assume the chicken had a malicious/ulterior motive. I would personally like to apologise to its friends and family for the slander.

Maybe it broke out because it had heard a sequel to Chicken Run has been confirmed.

The original movie from 2000, which featured some wonderful ‘feathered friends’ making a bid for freedom, was a huge success and the announcement of a second film was seriously exciting news.

According to reports, Aardman Animations are working on the sequel to the ‘most successful stop-motion animated film of all time’.

Chicken Run grossed an impressive global box office haul of $225 million on its initial release and has a 97 per cent Rotten Tomatoes rating alongside numerous BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations.

The Hollywood Reporter says StudioCanal and Pathé are ‘developing the follow-up’, with Sam Fell named as director.

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