Rudy The Chubby Bulldog Absolutely Smashes Agility Test


If you’ve ever tried to take part in any kind of strenuous exercise when you’re perhaps not at your peak level of fitness, you’ll understand the struggle of making it through.

But once you do, the rewards are so worth it – as Rudy, a chubby bulldog, recently found out when he absolutely smashed his agility test at the Westminster Dog Show recently.

Rudy was competing in the popular dog show on Sunday (February 10), when he exceeded all expectations in the agility contest and, I think it’s fair to say, stole the show.

As you know, bulldogs are not known for their fitness levels; instead, shower them with love and give them plenty of cuddles on the sofa and they’re pretty much in their element.

Which is why it was so shocking to see Rudy race through the course in approximately 50 seconds, leaping over obstacles and showing hardly any signs of hesitation throughout.

The bulldog gave a stellar performance, stunning audience members and viewers of the show with his determination and all round cuteness.

Sadly, WSVN 7 News reports Rudy didn’t win – but we all know he’s the true winner in everyone’s eyes just for getting up and competing. Not forgetting he exceeded literally every single expectation people had of him because of his breed.

So not only did he win over the hearts of a nation, but he smashed stereotypes while he was at it! Such a good doggo.

As a result, hoards of people took to social media immediately after his performance, congratulating him for his impressive run.

One person tweeted:

My hero. Such agility with a body like that. #rudy #Bulldog @WKCDOGS

While another wrote:

I adore bulldogs even when they aren’t shredding the agility course at a fancy dog show.
#Goals #Bulldogs

And another said:

One of my favorite moments of #westminsterdogshow so far: Rudy the bulldog in agility on Saturday. When he walked in my direction after competing, it was like seeing a celebrity I like. @WKCDOGS

Just look at his little face, how could you not want him to win? But, it’s the taking part that counts, right?

And if we’re being honest, winning over the hearts of an entire nation is probably a better feeling than winning a medal anyway.

Well that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself to make me feel better about it all!

Well done Rudy!

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