Russian Miners Discover Bizarre ‘New Dinosaur’ Deep Underground

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Deep in the frozen tundra of Siberia a ‘new’ and bizarre dinosaur’ has been discovered but no need to worry it’s been dead a very long time.

The strange little creature’s mummified remains, which resemble a Wolverine or small cat, were discovered deep underground in the Udachny diamond mines, Russia.

The miners who found the creature labelled it a ‘monster mummy’ and have claimed they believe it’s a previously unknown species of dinosaur, The Mirror reports.

Scientists aren’t so convinced though and want to study the creature’s remains so they can determine what the hell it is.

The mystery animal’s body is now being taken from from Udachny on a 1160 miles journey to Yakutsk for further examination.

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The prehistoric sands where the creature was discovered date from the Mesozoic Era, around about 252 to 66 million years ago, so the creature is potentially very old.

So there you have it a new type of dinosaur or maybe it’s just more evidence of the Chupacabra?