Ryan Seacrest Spends $8,000 On Surgery For Fan’s Pit Bull

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Mar 2017 16:34

American TV star Ryan Seacrest has helped out a fan whose beloved dog was suffering from health problems by paying for it’s expensive surgery.


42-year-old fan Mercedes called up Ryan’s radio show  On Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about her dog Romeo who was facing a potential double-amputation after rupturing ligaments which as causing arthritis.

The only other alternative was a surgery that would cost $8,000, a sum that was out of Mercedes price range. However Ryan came to the rescue donating the money to save Romeo’s legs.

While on the radio Mercedes, explained to Ryan how she’s spent time in foster care during when she was younger and how much the dog helped her through tough times.


She said: 

I really kind of isolated myself from the world at one point and he kind of helped me get out of that.

I was feeling down that week and I looked online and I saw these dogs needed to be rescued. When we got him, he was very emaciated and he was three weeks old. So we took him in and I bottle fed him.


Seacrest has shared photos of his meeting with Romeo on his Instagram page which he brought his dog Georgia to and spoke of his happiness that he’s managed to help Romeo get back on his feet.

He’s also wished Romeo a speedy recovery. What a guy!

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