Sad-Looking Cat With Rare Skin Disease Finds Forever Home

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 18 Oct 2020 16:33
Sad-Looking Cat With Rare Skin Disease Finds Forever HomeSad-Looking Cat With Rare Skin Disease Finds Forever Home@tummyandgummy/Instagram

A cat that looks permanently sad due to a rare condition has finally found its fur-ever home.

Toby is a seven-year-old cat with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) – also known as feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA) in cats – which causes the skin around his face to be loose and stretchy.


This happens due to a lack of collagen in his skin, and the effect of it means poor Toby looks constantly down in the dumps.

Due to his condition, not many people wanted to adopt Toby. As well as this, the RSPCA whose care he was in wanted him to be adopted with his brother Quinton (who had no teeth) because the pair were inseparable, making it even harder for him to find a home.

Fortunately for the cute and quirky pair, Georgina Price and her fiancé Christopher Lardner came across them on the RSPCA’s website and decided to adopt them together.


Speaking about the moment they saw Toby and Quinton online, Georgina told BoredPanda:

We found them on the RSPCA website when they were looking for a home. They’re a bonded pair, the RSPCA advertised them together and we thought if we can help two adorable cats rather than one, then that’s the best possible outcome.

Upon being welcomed to their new home last year, the furry pair were apparently extremely nervous, but eventually came round to their new parents.


Georgina said at the time, ‘They were just so scared and were living under the bed for weeks but food and love eventually got them out and now they own the place. They just do whatever they want and act mad when you turn the light on if they’re asleep on the bed or something.’

While Toby’s condition is only mild, it can cause quite a few issues for him. Because his skin is weaker, Georgina and Christopher often have to cut his nails.

A year on from being welcomed into his new home, Toby is doing great although his brother Quinton sadly crossed the rainbow bridge five months ago. It’s thought Quinton, aka Gummy of @tummyandgummy, had cancer and sadly had to be put down as a consequence.


Following Quinton’s tragic passing, Georgina and Christopher have welcomed a new furry friend to their family in a bid to ensure Toby doesn’t get lonely.

Toby’s new brother Leo, who also has a less obvious form of EDS, was adopted by them over the summer and has created a new, special bond with Toby.

You can keep up with their antics here.

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