Salon Accused Of Cruelty After Inserting Live Fish Into False Nails

by : Daniel Richardson on : 04 Jun 2021 17:15
Salon Accused Of Cruelty After Inserting Live Fish Into False NailsJam Press

A salon has been accused of cruelty to animals after putting a live fish into false nails.

Nail trends have seen some strange experiments, whether it’s having mini nails come out of your nail or putting multiple layers of varnish to establish a block. Starting such a trend can be difficult, and a new take on nail fashion has sparked backlash.


In what appears to be a strange throwback to the fish tank platform shoes of the 1970s, a Dubai-based salon called Nail Sunny’s has shared a video that shows fish being kept in a nail.

Check out the nail video:


A short video shows the nail salon developing the idea, picking up fish, and then testing if the concept worked. The idea was seemingly successful as the fish were put into a nail extension before being put back in a tank.


The video posted on Instagram gained more than 180,000 views, but it proved to be controversial. One commenter wrote, ‘So they were bought just to be traumatised then returned because they had no more use to you.’ Another person added ‘You’re out of your mind if you think that this is OK.’

A caption accompanying the video stated that ‘no fish were harmed,’ but people have hit back and commented, ‘What do you mean not harmed it needs to swim forward to breath??!’ On the back of the attention, this video has received animal authorities have also commented on the actions of the salon.

aquarium nail (Instagram / nail_sunny)Instagram/nail_sunny

PETA Director Elisa Allen told Metro:


Using animals as if they were nothing more than beauty accessories is sad and stupid.

There’s no excuse for ripping sensitive fish out of their natural habitats and confining them to tiny, artificial enclosures – let alone ones attached to people’s nails.

Most people would be horrified to see these little animals floating helplessly in stagnant water.

The director added that the fish would likely suffer if they were put into a nail, because ‘there’s no way to feed the fish and no way for them to get oxygen.’ As a result, Allen concluded that the fish would die within days and possibly hours of being put in the nail extension.

Allen noted: ‘This establishment must be reported to local authorities for cruelty to animals and its access to social media must be suspended while a full investigation takes place.’

Featured Image Credit: nail_sunny/Instagram


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