Sand Spiders Bury Themselves To Kill And Nowhere Is Safe

by : Julia Banim on : 11 Sep 2018 00:58
Sand Spider hides itself in sand.Sand Spider hides itself in sand.ViralHog

Spiders are weird in that they are creepy but also really interesting; living the dream of teenage goths everywhere. Indeed, you almost learn something new about our eight-legged friends everyday.


For example, did you know a jumping spider once lived inside the ear of songstress Katie Melua? Did you also know a spider silk strand long enough to encircle the entire planet would weigh just over one pound?

Sand spiders are undoubtedly one of the kookier members of this spooky, hairy family. Known for concealing themselves in sand before ambushing their prey, these arachnids are truly stone cold hunters.

Cleverly/creepily, sand particles stick to the sand spider’s skin, ensuring it perfect camouflage until it’s time to strike.


Bear in mind these chaps have the same sort of supernatural patience as Hannibal Lector awaiting the right moment to escape prison guards, they are able to survive for around one year without feasting; making them pretty damn resilient.

Sand spiders – also horrifically known as six-eyed crab spiders – can be found lurking in deserts and other such sandy regions in southern Africa.

However, you can apparently also welcome one into your home and care for it, should you so wish; just like one guy from Finland who filmed his pet burrowing in sand.

And I must admit, it does look kind of goofy and funny until you remember this critter produces venom which prove fatal.

Sharing the footage with terrified/fascinated viewers, the proud owner said:

I had this sand spider, Sicarius Terrosus, as a pet in a terrarium. It looked funny when it tried to hide under the white sand.

The video shows a big brown spider scuttling about in the corner of a terrarium. At first it’s unclear what his game is as he scratches about in the sand; reminding me oddly of my late, beloved hamster who used to enjoy scrabbling about in sawdust.


Spinning this way and that, and giving his butt a cheeky wiggle, Sicarius can be seen looking for the perfect place to park his behind; much like myself on the sofa of an evening.

Finally, Sicarius settles on the ideal spot; proceeding to chuck powdery white sand all over himself with his long front legs. From my perspective, he looked as if he had just said something beyond embarrassing and just needed to hide his face for a while.

Those who have watched the video have reacted with a mixture of amusement, interest and horror. Some have even found Sicarius to be ‘so cute omg’.

One gooey-eyed person cooed:

I can’t believe what I’m about to say but: This spider is so damn cute! (Yes, ‘spider’ and ‘cute’ in the same sentence)

Another awww’d:

I keep watching this over and over again… I never thought a spider could even be close to being adorable.


Unfortunately for Philadelphia based arachnophobes, they could be much closer to a sneaky sand spider than they think.

According to The Washington Post, thieves have stolen around 7,000 insects from Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, including venomous, six eyed sand spiders.

So it’s probably best to keep an eye out right now if you are going for any nice, sandy walks across the beach.

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