Sea Lion Forced To Tow Children In Boat With Rope Tied Around Its Neck

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 14 Aug 2020 17:30
Sea Lion Forced To Tow Children In Boat With Rope Tied Around Its NeckSea Lion Forced To Tow Children In Boat With Rope Tied Around Its NeckC'est Assez/Facebook

A video that has emerged of a sea lion with rope tied round its neck towing children on a boat has sparked concern for the animal’s wellbeing.

The video taken at Belgium’s Mont Mosan Park was shared on Facebook via animal campaign group C’est assez (which translates to ‘that’s enough’).

In the clip shared August 9, you see the sea lion with blue rope around its neck swimming along while pulling a small boat with three children in it. While there are two sea lions in the video, only one appears to be bulling the boat.


See it here:

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Posted by C'est assez on Sunday, August 9, 2020

One person commented on the video that they were ‘deeply disappointed’ with the treatment of the sea lions adding that the animals are ‘sentient beings’ while another person shamed any parents for paying for their children to experience it. Someone else dubbed it ‘barbaric’.

Since the video was shared online, it’s been shared over 7,000 times as well as a petition being created to stop this ‘attraction’ from taking place.


Set up by C’est assez, the description for the petition reads:

On August 7, 2020 , an Internet user alerted us via a video filmed at Mont Mosan Park (Belgium) in which we can see a sea ​​lion towing a small boat with children on board. This video, viewed more than 500,000 times , aroused emotion and indignation among the general public, who, in 2020, are shocked that such acts can still occur within the European Union.

So far the petition has generated over 14,000 signatures.

C'est assez/Facebook

One person commented on the petition, ‘There are surely other “attractions” to offer in the parks, right? It’s stupid, but the most scandalous thing is that the public lends itself to this kind of thing!’

Christine Grandjean, 68, founder of the C’est assez group said that while they didn’t want to intimidate the owner of the Belgium park, you can’t treat animals like that.

She said:

We don’t think he is intentionally harming the animals. Even though we have received reports that the park is insalubrious.

We understand that the seals do it voluntarily, slipping into the rope lasso and pulling the boat around.

But they wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for the fish they are given as a reward. These are animals that belong in the wild. They should not be used as entertainment by people.


Hopefully the petition will successfully stop the sea lions from having to do this – you can sign it yourself here.

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