Second Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Found Dead From ‘Poisoning’

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 21 Nov 2019 11:42
Second Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Found Dead From 'Poisoning'Second Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Found Dead From 'Poisoning'Indonesian Natural Resources Co

A Sumatran elephant has become the second to be found dead from an apparent poisoning, according to reports.


Indonesian conservation officials have confirmed the deceased critically endangered species was found at a palm oil plantation in the East Aceh Recency of Indonesia.

The magnificent creature, a 25-year-old female, was found on Thursday, hundreds of miles away from where another elephant was found decapitated with its tusks ripped off in a suspected poaching case.


Rosa Rika, a doctor from Aceh’s conservation agency, said, via MailOnline:


Our initial findings found that the Sumatran elephant was allegedly killed by poison.

She added they would analyse the content of the dead animal’s stomach to uncover its cause of death.

The corpse of the 40-year-old male elephant was found rotting in Riau province on Sumatra Island in Indonesia.

Authorities believe the mutilated creature, who was found by a plantation worker on Monday, had probably been dead for around a week before he was discovered, adding they’re desperately seeking to find those who were responsible.

Last year, another Sumatran elephant was found dead from poisoning in a different region of the country. Sadly, these cases are just two of many in recent years.

Second Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Found Dead From 'Poisoning'Second Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Found Dead From 'Poisoning'Indonesian Natural Resources Co

Meanwhile, a horrifying video has emerged, which shows a gang of men hacking an elephant to death in Kenya.

In the disturbing video, which has been doing the rounds on Twitter, a gang of men armed with machetes and axes are seen slashing the poor, injured animal as it falls to the ground.


According to the Kenya Wildlife Service, the heinous attack happened in June last year in Imeni Forest, near the city of Meru in central Kenya. However, the emergence of the video has prompted fresh enquiries from the organisation.

Warning – this video contains extremely distressing scenes of animal cruelty:

Investigators rushed to the elephant’s aid. However, by the time they had travelled the 44-mile journey required to get to the scene of the incident, it was too late as the animal had sadly already died.

A spokesperson for the Kenya Wildlife Service confirmed a fresh investigation into the killing has been launched in light of the new video, as investigators vow to arrest those responsible.

Elephant hunting has been banned in Kenya since 1973 and poachers face a life sentence and $200,000 fine for killing the beautiful creatures.

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    Second critically endangered Sumatran elephant is found killed in a week in Indonesia as female is poisoned days after poachers decapitated another