Secret Camera Captures What Dogs Do When Owners Go Out

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We all wonder what our pets get up to when they’re left home alone, but this family were in for a real surprise when they saw their dogs having the time of their lives. 

The Metro reports that high school junior Jonny Calderon recently had a house party that got ‘a little out of hand’ so his mum had to take some – pretty extreme – measures to keep her son’s behaviour under wraps.

She decided to set up some cameras around the house to catch him behaving badly, but instead it was their dogs that she caught in the act.

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Shocked at what she saw when watching back the footage captured, she texted her son with, ‘That’s it we’re getting the dogs neutered.’

It’s hard to see what’s happening at first, but when you do, it’s something you definitely cannot un-see.

Here’s a close-up: 

dogs-1Twitter/Jonny Calderon

To his mum’s horror, Chico, her Maltese pup and Chloe the bulldog seemed to be enjoying some time alone, in what they thought was privacy of their own home.

Jonny could not contain himself at his mum’s discovery and posted the whole hilarious incident on Twitter.

The post has attracted one hell-of-a-lot of attention, with over 180 thousand likers enjoying the tweet and sharing it over 100 thousand times.

However, there is actually a completely different reason for the dog’s naughty behaviour and it is totally not what you think.

Jonny explained:

This just happens when the bulldog is menstruating, Chico just does her a favour of cleaning it since she’s too fat to reach it herself.

It’s hard to know whether thats better or not – that is one seriously tight friendship though…