Seeing These Animals Without ‘Hair’ Will Blow Your Mind

by : Cameron Frew on : 20 Jun 2021 10:49
Seeing These Animals Without 'Hair' Will Blow Your Mind@meganmota/TikTok

Incredible photos of animals without ‘hair’ are blowing the minds of TikTokers. 

We’re all familiar with certain creatures without any fur, hair or feathers; for example, there’s the Sphynx cat, bald baboon and naked mole rat, the latter of which is also known as the sand puppy.


However, new photos shared on TikTok are particularly eye-opening. Tell me, have you ever seen an owl without feathers?


MegMota, aka @meganmota, recently shared a video which has already amassed nearly 20 million views, featuring photos of animals without ‘hair’ you’ve (probably) never seen before.

The first features an owl, which quickly transitions to a photo of one without any feathers. Most striking is how slender it is, illustrating the difference feathers make to a bird’s apparent skeletal shape.


The second shows a bear, quickly revealing a bald spectacled bear, tracking back to Leipzig Zoo in 2009. ‘I could hardly believe it is a bear although I have been dealing with bears all my life,’ Gerard Baars, director of the International Bear Foundation, previously told BBC News.

Bald spectacled bear in Leipzig Zoo. (PA Images)PA Images

‘A hairless owl is how I feel when I don’t have my hoody on,’ one viewer wrote. ‘The bear is terrifying,’ another wrote. ‘Bears are so damn strong and that’s what they look like without a coat of fur,’ a third viewer wrote.

In a second video, we’re also shown a ripped, hairless chimpanzee and a horse with alopecia. ‘Facts, this chimpanzee is stronger than John Cena,’ one user wrote. ‘Horse giving me Thestral vibes,’ another Harry Potter fan commented.


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