Series Of Photos Chart German Shepherd Puppy’s Insane Growth Over Six Months

Alex Dennison

Puppies don’t stay that way forever, they become full-size dogs pretty quickly. But the rapid change is beautifully captured by these six images.

Ashley Williams decided to document the growth by taking a monthly image of her German Shepherd and comparing the results.

It all starts out rather slowly.

Alex Dennison

The pup grows into her ears.

Alex Dennison

Then out of nowhere it seemingly doubles in size over the final month.

Alex Dennison

Lewis told The Dodo that the laid back canine’s development went largely unnoticed until they looked back at the pictures.

She said:

She still loves to be picked up for a cuddle and squeeze onto the couch with us as well. To be honest, we didn’t really notice her growing as quickly as everyone else did since we see her everyday, not until we looked back through photos anyway!”

If that dog were an athlete I’d be testing it for growth hormones.