Seven Foot Sea Monster Caught In Gloucestershire River

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A seven foot, 150 pound sea monster has been found far away from home, in the River Severn.

The monster was discovered by three friends, Kevin Brady, Steve Burgess and Alec Foster, who were on a paddle boarding excursion in Minsterworth, Gloucestershire.

Kevin manage to capture the fish on camera – and this guy’s no Nemo.

Brady told the Gloucestershire Echo

Steve spotted it on his jet ski and came to myself and Alec on our paddle boards.

He was shouting ‘I’ve found a 7ft fish!’ We didn’t believe him, thinking it must be a cow or something.

The surprise appearance of this suspected sea cow (which has now been correctly identified as a blue fin tuna) has left marine biologists wondering how the fish ended up in Gloucestershire.

It washed up hundreds of miles from its normal habitat in warm sea waters.


Considering the fish was dead when the trio found him, we’re guessing the sea creature was a little out of his depth.

Either way, he’s certainly a big beast.

I haven’t seen a photo of a tuna this unappealing since this guy joined Instagram:

Apparently, blue fin tuna are great diving companions – some people are even convinced they’d make great pets due to their docile nature.

You’d need a pretty big tank for this fella though!