Shocking Video Shows Mother Bear And 3 Cubs Splash In Lake Among Other Swimmers

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Jun 2021 12:16
Shocking Video Shows Mother Bear And 3 Cubs Splash In Lake Among Other SwimmersKCRA3

A family of black bears made clear that humans aren’t the only ones who like to cool off in the water, as footage showed them splashing alongside swimmers in a lake in California. 

Temperatures in South Lake Tahoe reached a toasty 30°C (86°F) on Sunday, June 27, and considering bears have to walk around in a fur coat all day it’s easy to understand why this particular family decided to take a dip.


The large mother bear and her three cubs were caught on camera by Jen Watkins, who was at Pope Beach when the bizarre situation unfolded.

Check it out below:


It seems the furry family wanted to make the most of their time at the beach as they made multiple appearances there throughout the day, with Jen telling KCRA News her son first spotted the mother bear as it got into an altercation with another of the beach’s four-legged visitors.


She said: ‘I guess (the bear) had been out earlier… It had gotten a little bit unfriendly, protective of the cubs with a golden retriever.’

Thankfully it seems neither the dog nor any of the cubs were hurt during the stand-off, and the bear then proceeded to arrange a picnic for her family by stealing some sandwich meat and a cooler from some humans and taking it into the woods.

Black bear spotted at Pope Beach (KCRA News)KCRA News

Once lunch was sorted, the family returned to enjoy some time in the water, with the cubs seen splashing about in the lake while stunned onlookers watched from the sidelines.


Jen explained: ‘We were all a little shocked.’

The family of black bears spotted at Pope Beach are just some of the estimated 25,000 to 35,000 black bears in California, Newsweek reports, with residents of North and South Lake Tahoe having reported increased numbers of sightings in recent years.

Black bear cubs in tree (Pixabay)Pixabay

Though the mother bear didn’t cause any harm during her visit to Pope Beach, Lieutenant Nelson Resendes with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office has warned the creatures can ‘be very dangerous’.


He said:

We are in their territory when we’re up in the Foothills and in the Sierra (Nevada).

Don’t feed them, don’t entice them, don’t provoke them and obviously in a setting like this… don’t approach them… Respect their space.

As families start to spend more time outside in summer, Resendes added that Placer County deputies will be working alongside California Fish and Game wardens to monitor the black bears, helping to manage any potentially dangerous situations and moving any bears that wander into crowded spaces where people tend to gather.

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