Skiers In Panic Over Bizarre Video Apparently Showing ‘Real Life Yeti’


Skiers are being warned to ‘stay calm’ after footage emerged of what appears to be the mythical Yeti wandering around a Spanish ski resort.

The rather shaky footage shows what appears to be a strange ape-like creature with white fur stomping through the snow at the Formigal ski resort in north-eastern Spain, the Mirror reports.

Incredibly the ski resort’s bosses have been forced to search the slopes of the Pyrenees mountain after the images sent the internet into a frenzy. But clued up viewers have said it’s just a man dressed in a fuzzy costume

The alert was sounded by a skier after posting a picture of the legendary beast on a popular website with the message: “Strange animal spotted in Formigal. What the hell is this?”

The picture went on to be retweeted thousands of times, and a sparked wild debate over whether a Spanish Yeti was on the loose or if it was a bear, computer effect or even a soldier dressed mountain camouflage.

The mystery remained unsolved over night, although skiers have been assured there was no cause for alarm.

A spokesman for the resort admitted the area had been searched after an ‘alleged Yeti sighting.’

He said:

We have spoken to the witnesses of the sighting to identify the area in which it took place and after combing the area we have found nothing.

We believe therefore that there is no cause for alarm and that visitors’ security is guaranteed. In any case we will remain alert.

Just to be pedantic we feel it needs pointing out that the Yeti’s a Himalayan monster this – were it real – would technically be a European Bigfoot sighting.