Sleepy Corgi Riding The Subway Wins Hearts Around The World

by : Mike Williams on : 20 Oct 2020 12:19
Sleepy Corgi Riding The Subway Wins Hearts Around The WorldSleepy Corgi Riding The Subway Wins Hearts Around The Worldkittytime/reddit

Get ready to witness the most adorable video of a subway-hopping pup you’ll ever see.

When one man decided to film the journey he and his pet corgi take on the underground and upload the footage to TikTok, the internet instantly fell in love with his adorable pooch, who was on the verge of nodding off in every clip.


Carrying around Max – as in Maxine – in his backpack each day, her owner filmed the worn-out dog leaning contently against his back (and occasionally licking his ear), editing all the clips into one glorious video.

Max also has her own verified account on the video-sharing app, and has more than 40 million likes and 2.3 million followers.

Twitter also took a shine to Max’s sleep antics when the clip was uploaded as it immediately went viral, with nearly 80,000 retweets. While the original video had no sound, the clip on Twitter has accompanying music in the form of Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are, which fits perfectly with the mood.

Check out the heart-melting video of Max and her owner below:


And in case you’re after any more Max content, her Tiktok is brimming with her day trips and the incredible attention she receives, whether it’s kids who want a stroke, adults who want a stroke, or law enforcement that, even though they’re on the job, definitely look like they want a stroke.

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