Snake Charmer Strangled By Python During Live Show


There are some professions which carry greater dangers than others, no matter how skilled and careful the individual may be.

This of course includes the practice of snake charming; a type of traditional street performance commonly found in India.

The snake charmer will appear to hypnotise the snake, getting it to dance and wave its body to his will.

However, sometimes the serpent will rebel against its master, with terrifying consequences.


Footage has been released of a snake charming show in Mau in Uttar Pradesh, India where an enormous python attempted to strangle its charmer; putting him in hospital.

The unnamed man had wound the thick python around his neck, however the snake tightened its powerful grip; apparently attempting to squeeze the life out of its owner. It appears the man quickly became unable to breathe.

The panic-stricken man can be seen choking and gesturing before collapsing to the ground. Some members of the watching crowd reportedly believed the struggle to be part of the act.

You can watch the alarming footage for yourself below:

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Footage shows the man lying, apparently unconscious, on the ground while the enormous snake continues to writhe around his body.

At one point, an onlooker attempts to make a grab at the python but it springs cunningly from his grasp.

Horrified locals were able to revive the snake charmer with water, splashing some on his face.

Eventually, three brave men were able to wrench the python away from the injured snake charmer, freeing him from the potentially deadly grip.

The snake charmer was reportedly taken to a local government hospital for treatment, before being taken to a a specialist unit at a second hospital in Varanasi, India where details about his current condition are as of yet unknown.

This incident follows the death of 33-year-old Abu Zarin Hussin who had been known for his snake whispering gifts. After being called upon to catch a cobra, Abu was bitten by the animal and tragically passed away as a result.

According to the Daily Star, Abu, who had been the leader of the King Cobra Squad at a Malaysia fire department, had even taken his snake whispering act to Asia’s Got Talent.

The International Business Times has reported how a snake charmer from Morocco died this month after being bitten by a snake in front of passers-by.


Although snake charmers have long been a staple of marketplaces in India, the act is now said to be in danger of dying out.

In 1972, a law was passed in India which forbade any person to keep a snake. However, this law wasn’t properly enforced until more recently.

Although the Indian government are reportedly trying to accommodate snake charmers and their existing animals – who are worried about losing their livelihood – they are also trying to stop charmers from catching more snakes.

In recent years, the Indian government has implanted identification chips beneath the skin of some snakes which had already been captured allowing the government to confiscate newly captured snakes which have not been chipped.