Snake Regurgitates Other Live Snake In Front Of Shocked Passerby

Christopher Reynolds

Be careful if you’re eating food right now or feeling a little delicate from the bank holiday festivities.

A man from the U.S. caught a truly stomach-churning moment on camera when out driving with his wife.

All I’ll say is, snake, another live snake, and regurgitation….

Christopher Reynolds

Christopher Reynolds, and his wife Nina, were leaving his mother’s house when they drove past a huge black snake.

He decided to stop and take some pictures, but luckily, when Nina noticed it had food in its mouth, she started filming and caught something truly incredible.

They captured the horrifying moment said huge black snake regurgitated another snake.

Christopher Reynolds

As the bizarre film starts, a tip of another animal, that looks like a worm, can be seen sticking out of the reptile’s jaw.

As Christopher continues to film, the black snake begins to regurgitate its meal and it soon becomes apparent that the meal is in fact another snake.

Christopher can be heard on the video saying; ‘this is crazy’.

Amazingly, the snake that has been regurgitated, appears to be alive and well after the horrific ordeal, with Chris proclaiming:

That other snake’s alive.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content

Snakes can regurgitate food for a number of reasons. It is not the same as vomiting as digestion has not begun, which is why the other snake appeared to be unharmed. They can expel their food if they have overeaten, or if they feel the need to flee from a stressful situation.

Even though it looks as though the snake may have eyes bigger than his belly, it’s not unusual for them to digest enormous meals, including goats, other reptiles and if the species is large enough even humans!