Snakes Leak Through Ceiling After Tenants Complain To Landlord

by : Cameron Frew on : 28 May 2021 08:57
Snakes Leak Through Ceiling After Tenants Complain To Landlord 2Hary Pugliese/WTVC 9ABC

After dealing with cockroaches, rats and bees, a Georgia family had snakes leak through their ceiling after complaining to the landlord. 

Hary Pugliese, his wife Susan and their 13-year-old daughter moved into the LaFayette home in January this year. It didn’t get off to a good start; almost immediately, he reportedly told his landlord John Stafford about the leaky ceiling, but Stafford never came to fix it.


Over the next few months, they’ve been plagued with a number of creatures. It started with rats, and now after the ceiling collapsed, they discovered snakes in their ceiling.

The Pugliese family has dealt with bees, as well as rats, cockroaches and snakes. (WTVC 9ABC)WTVC 9ABC

Hary spoke to WTVC 9ABC about the issues he’s been having, as well as sharing nightmarish photos of the drooping snakes and other visible problems with the roofing.

He said he took his concerns to Stafford months ago, who then said he didn’t have enough money for the repairs. The landlord disputes this, saying Hary didn’t continue to raise these issues and he sent someone to fix it two months ago. However, that maintenance crew failed to solve the problem, and Hary has since phoned him back between 20 and 40 times.


Unfortunately, it seemed like the landlord ‘didn’t want to do nothing about it,’ according to Hary, who later hired his own roofer and refused to pay rent until it was fixed. While telling the outlet it’s a ‘difficult situation’, Stafford said rent couldn’t be withheld due to maintenance problems.

Snakes leaking through the Pugliese family's ceiling. (Hary Pugliese/WTVC 9ABC).Hary Pugliese/WTVC 9ABC

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He’s since served Hary an eviction notice, but the family planned on moving out anyway because of the pests. ‘I’m dreaming that a snake is going to fall on me. I can’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep last night, because of the snakes,’ the dad said.

Commenting on the landlord’s actions, Susan said: ‘He acts like he doesn’t care. He said… well, if there are snakes in the ceiling, they’ll be taking care of the rats.’

Harry Pugliese and his wife Susan. (WTVC 9ABC)WTVC 9ABC

When asked if he knew if there were rats in the house, Stafford told the outlet: ‘No, I’ve never heard that, but there are rats everywhere, so I’m sure there are rats there.’

With regards to the bees, he said: ‘I would hate to disturb the bees, because it’s getting hard to even raise bees. Bees are becoming extinct and that is a strong hive.’

He also said he didn’t think ‘there’s another option’ other than to live with the creatures. The LaFayette building authority said it could only get involved when a property changes hands, but Stafford couldn’t confirm the last time an inspection was carried out.


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