Sneaky Fridge-Raiding Cat Has No Idea His Family Is On To Him

by : Lucy Connolly on : 10 May 2020 17:23
Sneaky Fridge-Raiding Cat Has No Idea His Family Is On To Himcarrot.tthe.cat/Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent the past few weeks doing nothing but raiding the fridge. Well, doing some things when you really have to, but mostly raiding the fridge.

Someone who can clearly get on board with that is Carrot the cat, who in recent weeks has taken to sneakily raiding the fridge through the crack in the door whenever he thinks his owners aren’t looking.


Unfortunately for him, his plan hasn’t really been the most successful because the only time he can sneak his paw in is when the fridge door is ajar, which usually means someone’s standing right there. But hey, at least he’s trying.

carrot the fridge raiding catcarrot.tthe.cat/Instagram

Rachel Zardus, who rescued Carrot when he was a kitten, described him as a ‘rambunctious and mischievous little guy’, adding that he’s ‘definitely always been a sneak’.

She told The Dodo he’s always getting up to sneaky things, with his favourite games involving hiding in his tunnel, jumping out at Zardus and her boyfriend as they walk through their apartment, and playing hide-and-seek.


His new pastime is slightly more dangerous though, with there being a risk of the cat injuring his paw if his owners didn’t realise it was inside the fridge when they closed the door. So what did they do? Come up with a way to resolve the issue, of course.

sneaky fridge raiding catcarrot.tthe.cat/Instagram

Now, printed on a piece of paper on the condiment shelf inside the fridge door, is a warning to both Zardus and her boyfriend to check for Carrot’s paws before shutting the door. Thanks to the sign, there haven’t been any accidents.

Even better, Carrot gets to continue believing that his antics have so far gone unnoticed and has no idea his family is on to him, with Zardus explaining they ‘pretty much know’ when he’s going to do the trick because he’ll be in play mode. ‘It’s a game to him,’ she explained.


In the long-term, because admittedly the sign isn’t foolproof, Zardus is looking at ways to seal the gap in the fridge door permanently to prevent any future injuries.

What an icon. You do you, Carrot.

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