Spiders Could Eat The Entire Human Race In Just One Year If They Wanted


If you have always acted tough and pretended you aren’t afraid of spiders, well you will be now.

Truly horrifying new research has revealed that spiders could actually wipe out the human race in just one year.

The study found that, theoretically, if all spiders in the world came together, they could actually eat every human on Earth in just a single year.


As reported by The Washington Post, experts Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel in Switzerland and Klaus Birkhofer of Lund University in Sweden, published their findings in the journal Science of Nature earlier this month.

They found that the spiders of the world eat in total somewhere between 400 million and 800 million tons of prey each year.

Incredibly this means that our least favourite creepy crawlies eat at least as much meat as all seven billion humans of Earth do combined.

Jon Richfield/Wikimedia

In fact we only consume around 400 million tons of meat and fish each year meaning spiders often outdo us when it comes to appetite.

The real scary finding though is that since the total biomass of all adult humans is estimated to be around 316.3 million tons, well it will be an easy feat for spiders to eat us all since they eat much more than that every single year.

The scientists aren’t saying that spiders will suddenly attack and start eating humans as it isn’t in their biological nature to do so, but if they did try they certainly could.

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And if you think humanity can be saved by our children, well you would be wrong.

Still hungry after devouring all of us, the spiders will soon move on to the younger generations which weigh a total of around 70 million tons.

And still after all that, the eight-legged beasts will somehow remain peckish!


To arrive at these numbers the scientists looked at existing research on spiders.

The critters are literally everywhere with it being estimated that on average there are around 131 spiders per square metre all over the world.

Of course some habitats such as deserts are home to fewer spiders but underneath your feet right now may be swarms of the terrifying creatures.


Even worse in some places there could be more than 1,000 spiders per square metre as long as the conditions are favourable to the creepers.

It would be safe to assume that dark and dusty places like under your bed will be where they are lurking.

There are so many of the critters, if you gathered together all of the spiders on the planet they would weigh in total about 25 million tons.


For a comparison, the Titanic weighed around 52,000 tons and so the mass of every spider on Earth is equivalent to around 478 Titanics.

I am never, ever going to take the mick out of someone with arachnophobia ever again!