‘Spoiled’ Dog Mimicking Human Voice To Beg For Food Leaves Owner In Hysterics

by : Lucy Connolly on : 08 Apr 2020 11:01


A ‘spoiled’ dog wanted an Easter egg so much she mimicked a human voice to beg for one, leaving her owners in hysterics.

Jaleesa Mattear, 26, claims her pooch Bella can’t stand hearing the word ‘no’ and will cry until she gets her own way or is distracted.


This time the French Bulldog resorted to a different method though, howling loudly and varying her pitch to perfectly mimic human intonation. All I can say is she must have really wanted that Easter egg, and who can blame her really?

spoiled dog mimicks human for easter eggKennedy News and Media

Hilarious footage shows two-year-old Bella sitting with her back to her owners while staring at the chocolate perched on the windowsill, just out of her reach.

After howling loudly (sounding scarily human) for a while, the dog then starts yapping as Jaleesa and her boyfriend Jay Brown, 28, giggle in the background. Realising she isn’t getting her way anytime soon, Bella returns to her human voice.


When even that doesn’t work, the footage shows her flinging herself on the floor – again, mimicking a child having a tantrum – but sadly poor Bella still doesn’t get a treat.

spoiled dog mimicks human for easter eggKennedy News and Media

Jaleesa, from Carlisle, Cumbria, said:

If we say no for anything she’ll start making those noises. She’s very spoiled. I thought, ‘oh here we go again’. It’s just the behaviour she has every single time she wants something that she can’t have. It’s so funny.

She’s just so human-like. Everyone was saying they can’t believe it because it sounds like she’s about to start talking. My boyfriend and I were sitting eating them and then putting them back on the windowsill while we were watching the telly.

So she was watching us get stuff out of it, eating it and putting it back on the windowsill and not giving her any while we were doing it. She probably felt left out. She’s a very, very needy dog.

She’s terrible for it. I think we’ve made a rod for our own back because we tend to give her her own way so now we just give her own way all along, she thinks crying like that will give her what she wants.

spoiled dog mimicks human for easter eggKennedy News and Media

Jaleesa, an ICU nurse, claims she has been told many times she should start an Instagram page for Bella, and after sharing the video online the spoiled pooch gained even more admirers.

With many people calling her ‘adorable’, one said the video was ‘gold’ and another wrote: ‘Oh my God love her! Girl after my own heart!’ I feel the same, to be honest.

Her owners claim this is a regular occurrence for Bella, who loves to try and get her own way by begging for food. Although admitting she’s a bit spoiled, Jaleesa says they’re ‘quite strict with her’, adding: ‘We don’t really give her much human food and definitely no chocolate.’

spoiled dog mimicks human for easter eggKennedy News and Media

She continued:

If we’re sitting eating something that she would obviously want, if we say no to her, she will then start to cry for it. It’s the same for everything.

She’s never, ever had any, and never had any chocolate at all. She very rarely gets human food but she still tries to cry for it to persuade us otherwise. She did it on that video, but she does it with everything we’ve got.

We’ve got an Easter egg downstairs now so if we started eating it she would probably want some and try and cry for it, no doubt. She does it with a lot of things to be honest. She’s very funny.

spoiled dog mimicks human for easter eggKennedy News and Media

Basically, Bella wants snacks and she isn’t taking no for an answer.

A girl after my own heart.

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