Squirrel Rescued From Hurricane Isaac Can’t Sleep Without Her Teddy Bear


Brace yourselves because I’m about to introduce you to the cutest thing you’ve seen all week, potentially this year.

You’ve heard of adorable doggos and playful kittens and lovable horses, but what about something altogether more tiny?

Enter: Jill, a seven-year-old squirrel who was rescued from Hurricane Isaac way back when in 2012, and who now can’t bear to sleep without her cuddly miniature teddy bear.

Since getting rescued all those years ago, Jill has become somewhat of a viral celebrity in her own right, with her Instagram following sitting comfortably at 641k followers.

Her profile says she is a ‘vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum’, adding the disclaimer: ‘But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.’ Already a girl I can get on board with.

Jill absolutely loves napping (same) and has a variety of different blankets to help her get to sleep. But all of those would be absolutely useless without the miniature teddy bear she carries with her and insists on cuddling every time she gets tucked into bed.

What did I tell you about the cuteness levels?

Not only does the cuddly teddy bear help Jill get to sleep, but it also provides the perfect prop for her Instagram page; just as her many, and I mean many, cute outfits do.

Take, for example, the time she celebrated Christmas in a festive jumper, or the time she wrapped up warm in a baby pink knitted hat and scarf. Or what about the time she wore an actual hula skirt?

Jill the squirrel has also been known to celebrate squirrel appreciation day, and wish her followers a happy Valentine’s Day as she dresses up in an array of fancy outfits.

Jill goes all out for Halloween:

She even dresses up for Easter:

She loves the summer months:

But I think it’s fair to say Christmas is by far her favourite holiday:

Incredible. As well as following the teeny tiny squirrel on social media, you can get your cuteness fix by purchasing a ‘fan pillow‘ with her face emblazoned onto them.

The cushions boast a range of her different fancy dress options, including her mummified Halloween costume, many birthday hat scenarios, and Easter chick embraces.

Well, what are you waiting for? You can follow Jill’s Instagram here.

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