Staff At Doggy Daycare Caught On Camera Violently Kicking Dogs

Staff kicks dogCaters

Why are people just the absolute worst? Of course, this doesn’t apply to all people, but when you see this heartbreaking clip of a doggy daycare worker kicking the canines he’s meant to be looking after, it makes you question humanity.

The shocking footage comes straight from the Doggy Den, in Sheffield, England, which appears to show an unidentified staff member kicking the helpless animals and throwing toys at their heads.

The footage was shared by former employees from the doggy daycare centre, which, according to them, they secretly filmed and uploaded to social media to expose the level of ‘horrific abuse’ taking place.

One video shows at least 20 dogs in a room with only two members of staff watching over them. One of the workers at the daycare facility – which is located on Little London Road – can be seen kicking out at one of the dogs.

More footage goes on to show a caged up Dalmatian who can be seen whimpering and crying.

Since going viral on social media, Tom Greatorex, founder of The Doggy Den in Sheffield, released a statement via the company’s Facebook page.

He states the videos which were uploaded this week were filmed two years ago, between March and December, and the staff involved in the incidents no longer work for the company.

Dalmatian in cageCaters

Greatorex says:

I, and my team at The Doggy Den, are extremely upset and concerned by the footage recently shared online. This footage in no way reflects the high standards of care we have implemented from day one and I apologise for any distress they may have caused.

As a local business and employer, I would like to acknowledge each incident and outline immediate changes that are already being implemented to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, with the continued welfare of the animals in our care being our utmost concern.

The footage shared online was taken from a recording system that we had installed specifically to monitor the safety of the dogs in our care.

The Doggy DenThe Doggy Den/Facebook

He also says the clip of the Dalmatian locked up in the cage was staged, claiming they never use them and was only in the centre ‘because the Council insisted’ on having it there.

He also adds:

We never put dogs in cages for prolonged periods.

The Doggy DenThe Doggy Den/Facebook

Greatorex revealed the individual who shared these videos was sacked from the care centre for kicking one of the dogs. While the employee ‘was suspended immediately, on full pay’ the person in question attempted to sue them for £10,000. However, the case didn’t make it to court.

The Doggy DenThe Doggy Den/Facebook

He goes on to say:

We have been in business for five years and in that time have benefited from the service of numerous dog-loving volunteers, dedicated staff and satisfied customers who work with and patronise us.

Before any dog comes to us, we always conduct a compatibility trial with the dog and its owner to see if the environment is suitable. Dogs love their time here and can’t wait to come in the morning….

I founded The Doggy Den because I love dogs and my main concern is their welfare and happiness whilst their owners are at work.

Nothing has changed in that respect and I will continue to work alongside my team provide a transparent and sustainable service that exceeds all the expectations of our customers and their animals.

Greatorex assures clients ‘The Doggy Den has, and always will be, a safe and friendly space for dogs’.

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