Stray Dog Cries Tears Of Joy After Kind Stranger Feeds Him On The Street

by : Emily Brown on : 24 Dec 2020 10:01
Stray Dog Cries Tears Of Joy After Kind Stranger Feeds Him On The StreetDouyin/xiaoxiangchenbao

A stray dog appeared to ‘cry’ tears of joy when a kind stranger stopped to offer him some food on the street. 

Footage filmed on the streets of Jinzhong, in the Shanxi province of north China, showed the homeless pup standing on his hind legs with his front paws in the air as if hoping the trick would earn him some food.


Thankfully his efforts paid off, as the clip shows a woman taking pity on the dog and offering him a delicious snack of sausage. As soon as the dog is offered the food, his eyes appear to well up as if overwhelmed at the generosity of the kind stranger.

See footage of the heartwarming scene below:


Another clip shows the generous woman return to find the dog, and the pooch appeared to recognise that he had a friend as he excitedly greeted her with a wagging tail.


The dog seems unable to believe his luck as the woman offers him even more food, and once again his eyes get teary.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told the Xiaoxiang Morning Post she tried to carry the dog to her car but he jumped from her hands. She explained: ‘The dog feared that we would grab him like the dog snatchers because that’s what they would do – luring the dogs to the minivan with food before fleeing.’

Dog appears to cry tears of joy at being fedDouyin/xiaoxiangchenbao

Per the Daily Star, she told the publication she and her friends were on their way to the park when they saw the dog, and that he started crying as soon as they gave him food.


After having such nice experiences with the pooch, the woman returned to the area again in the following days but sadly was unable to see the dog around.

She commented:

I’ve tried to look for it a few times these few days but I couldn’t find him.

I might try my luck asking the street cleaners later.

Dog appears to cry tears of joy at being fedDouyin/xiaoxiangchenbao

The video of the apparently-grateful pooch was shared on social media where it quickly gained attention from dog-lovers, many of who expressed their concern for the stray.

One user described the dog as having ‘soulful eyes’, adding, ‘Please don’t hurt him.’

Though the dog’s tears might very well be explained by sheer gratefulness, Pet MD explains that watery eyes can also be a symptom of allergies, irritants or blocked tear ducts.

It’s possible this was the case here, but the timing of his tears suggests it they really were a product of joy.


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