Stray Dog Interrupts Performance To Help Actor Pretending To Be Injured

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Sep 2020 10:15
Stray Dog Interrupts Performance To Help Actor Pretending To Be InjuredStray Dog Interrupts Performance To Help Actor Pretending To Be InjuredKocaelivizyon.com/Facebook

A stray pup proved dogs don’t need to have owners to be man’s best friend, as it interrupted a live performance to help an actor it thought was hurt. 

The theatrical performance took place in Turkey earlier this month, in which actor Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy was lowered to the ground as he played a character who had been injured.


Of course, the crowd watching the scene knew this was just part of the play, but the four-legged audience member wasn’t so sure, so it approached Uzunsoy to investigate.

You can watch the heartwarming scene below:

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Uzunsoy told The Dodo the character he was playing was ‘in great pain’ and ‘breathing hard’ after falling off a horse. His co-stars stepped back as he lay on the ground, but he wasn’t alone for long as the wandering dog soon made its approach.


The dog walked between the other actors and wagged its tail as it started to sniff around Uzunsoy’s head.

Recalling the moment, the actor said:

I felt warmth on my face. First, I thought my co-star was approaching me.

Stray dog investigates actor lying on floorStray dog investigates actor lying on floorKocaelivizyon.com/Facebook

Uzunsoy’s theory about his co-star was, thankfully, proven wrong when he began to feel something licking him, and he couldn’t help but break out into a smile as the stray dog nuzzled into his neck.

He continued:

I was very happy when I felt the dog’s kisses. I was very touched. He was like an angel who wanted to help me. It was a very emotional moment for me. I was not expecting it.

Though the dog’s arrival wasn’t scripted, the audience welcomed the new cast member with open arms. Uzunsoy said they were ‘very happy’ and ‘cheered’ when the dog came to his rescue, and added that his cast mates ‘loved’ the caring creature.


The actors stroked the dog as Uzunsoy rolled out of the way to allow a crew member to escort it offstage, where it remained for a short while before strolling away.

Dog snuggles up to actor lying on floorDog snuggles up to actor lying on floorKocaelivizyon.com/Facebook

After their cute encounter, Uzunsoy hopes that he and the dog will cross paths again, and when they do he hopes he will be able to help find the stray a home.

He explained:


The next day I went to the same place, looking for him. People told me he usually hangs out there. I went again today. I’ll look for him until I find him. I’ve always loved animals.

Hopefully Uzunsoy will manage to find the dog, but until then I’m sure its caring nature is helping it make lots of other friends.

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