Student Finds Huge Huntsman Spider With Army Of Offspring On Oven

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Student Finds Huge Huntsman Spider With Army Of Offspring On Her OvenImogen Moore/Facebook

I regret to inform you that spiders have done it again. Not content with making us wary around baths, furry slippers and swimming pools, the leggy creeps have now made us too scared to ever so much as peek inside an oven again.

In what could be used as a solid excuse to just get a takeaway tonight, Australian woman Imogen Moore has shared two truly nightmarish photographs on Facebook showing a huge mother Huntsman spider making a cosy home for herself and her offspring on an oven.


Imogen, a sport and exercise science student at the University of Technology Sydney, shared the pictures to Australian Native Animals, a public Facebook group that has long been a mine for all things creepy and crawly.

HuntsmanImogen Moore/Facebook

The photos – captioned ‘Baby huntsmen and the massive mother spider’ – are every bit as shudder-inducing as you might expect, and the fact that brave Imogen got close enough to snap a shot has honestly given me goosepimples.

In both pics, the gigantic mother can be seen surrounded by her brood. The hairy family also appear to be accompanied by a slimy, soilitary slug in what could well be the most unappealing Pixar film idea imaginable.


Naturally, the post has illicited shrieks galore on the Australian Native Animals page, with one decidedly less than calm person advising:


Another remarked:

I’d move.

HuntsmanImogen Moore/Facebook

Answering questions in the comments section, Imogen clarified – with some relief – that this was not her house or her oven.

The unnamed house owner didn’t want to kill the spider family, so instead they turned off the lights and hoped they would simply move on. All fingers and legs crossed that will work…

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Imogen Moore/Facebook
  1. Imogen Moore/Facebook

    Imogen Moore

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