Supermarket In Britain Shrink Wrapping Crabs While They’re Still Alive


A Korean supermarket situated in London has been outed for selling live crabs that have been shrink-wrapped.

The shop has been accused of wrapping the crabs in plastic while still alive, and using elastic bands to hold their claws and legs together.

Korea Foods, in New Malden, south-west London, were quoted as saying: “Some English people might be sensitive… We try to sell the crabs fresh, that is our main concern.”

The crabs are stacked in chiller cabinets alongside fish. One shopper, Cheryl Willis was quoted as saying: “It’s like keeping a cow in a really small cage until you sell it to kill and eat it. If they’re going to sell it and it’s still alive it should be in an open space.”

Shockingly, environmental officers have let the shop continue this cruel practise after finding nothing illegal in their investigation, with the RSPCA stating that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 doesn’t apply to crabs.

They still, however, condemned the methods used. But that’s not enough in this instance.