Swan Terrorises Northampton Neighbourhood By Constantly Knocking On Front Doors

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Mar 2021 16:51
Swan Terrorises Northampton Neighbourhood By Constantly Knocking On Front DoorsSWNS

Sergeant Nicholas Angel and PC Danny Butterman better get themselves to Northampton, because there’s a swan on the loose.

For five years, residents of a row of houses on Selston Walk in Northampton, UK, have had no luck stopping a mischievous swan who insists on knocking on their front doors.


Known by the locals as Cedric, the swan enjoys making his way up to people’s houses and using his beak to rattle the letterboxes, sometimes for as long as three hours at a time.

You can see the swan in action below:


One of the homes frequented by the bird belongs to 70-year-old Stephen Legg, who explained that the swan has been living with its mate at a nearby lake for seven or eight years. Cedric began targeting Stephen’s home five years ago and has since returned every spring.


Stephen said: 

He starts by rattling the letter box then bashes the metal with its beak quite loudly. The racket reverberates through the whole house. It doesn’t do any damage, but it’s extremely irritating.

Sometimes it does it for three hours at a time, other times only once or twice. It really is very loud because it flips the letter box up and down with its beak.

Swan knocking on front doorsSWNS

The grandfather said it’s ‘impossible to work out’ what the bird is up to, and despite his efforts to deter Cedric with a ‘swan-repellent’ noisemaker, Stephen has had no luck in getting the swan to leave his house alone.


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Another local, Wendy Howard, admitted that she thought the sight of Cedric knocking on the letterboxes was ‘pretty funny’ – though she noted the swan thankfully doesn’t target her own house.

She said: ‘It’s like a postman opening the letterbox to drop the post through. It puts its beak through their letter boxes, raps the metal and carries on and on… It happened about the same time last year and I think they could be hungry in nesting season. At first I couldn’t believe what was happening but I’ve got used to it now.’

Swan knocking on front doorSWNS

Though the reason for Cedric’s noisy behaviour isn’t immediately clear, it’s thought the swan could be demonstrating territorial behaviour or looking for food. The RSCPA has been to check out the situation and suggested that Cedric could be trying to scrape insects off the front doors, though Stephen noted ‘there aren’t any [insects] inside the letter box’.


While the swan does give the postman some competition, at least he’s providing a bit of amusement for the surrounding residents.

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