Swarms Of STD Carrying Black Ladybirds Are Heading To The UK


Some people in this country don’t want to see President Donald Trump over here but I bet they’d rather have him than this frankly bizarre, STD-loaded set of hench black ladybirds planning to invade the UK?

I say planning, the ‘foreign’ ladybirds have already been reported in several British towns.

They’ve got the pictures to prove it too.

People have snapped the Harlequin ladybirds to show and inform their followers and friends on social media:

What makes the rogue ladybird stand out is its black wings.

They’re believed to be flying in from Asia and North America on mild autumn winds, with scientists labelling them, ‘Britain’s most invasive species’, report the Mirror.

How dangerous are they? Not at all, really…at least to us.

Yes they’re carrying STDs but not of the variety which could cause harm to us humans.

No, the ladybirds rather carry a disease called Laboulbeniales – a form of fungi.

Passed through mating, the scientists say the fungus will infect our native species, who are already crawling on thin ice.

The worst thing one of these ladybirds will do to you, is leave a chemical smell in your home and leave stains on the sofa.

If they’re really hungry, they may bite you but it would leave you with nothing except a small bump and stinging feeling.

They first arrived in the UK in 2004, having been introduced in Essex before making their way far and beyond to Cornwall and the Shetland Islands.

So what should you do if you come across one? Handle it the good ol’ fashioned way, with paper and glass.

Don’t crush them because not only would that leave a mess on your furniture but insects are our friends guys.