Teen Films Herself Smiling While Abusing Puppy In Sick Video


A sickening video has been circulating online of a teen girl smiling as she repeatedly abuses a puppy.

The teenager, named online as Esmeralda Gongora, from Mexico City, filmed herself chucking the puppy at a bedroom wall.

Footage shows her blowing a kiss at the camera before telling viewers she’s going to ‘play with her puppy’.

She then smiles, grabs the dog by its paws and begins swinging it before chucking it into the air, against the wall and onto the bed.


The abuse lasts for a few more minutes.

The camera is then shut off, but not before she wishes everyone a good day.

A short, heavily edited clip of the video shows a snippet of the abuse:


The full video is available on Facebook – however, it is extremely disturbing.

Obviously, the sickening footage has been met with rage online, with animal lovers and groups petitioning that local authorities organise a rescue operation, have the puppy removed, and have the girl punished for her actions.

So far, the teen’s full address, Facebook page, and profile picture have been circulating online to help find her.


Multiple reports have indicated that activists tracked down the teen and rescued the puppy, but there is no official confirmation on this.

This is absolutely sickening. Here’s to hoping she’s caught and the dog is found safe.