Teen Hunter Left Speechless After Piers Morgan Turns Tables On Her

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A 12-year-old hunter who hunts wildlife for fun was blasted by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

Aryanna Gourdin sparked a major backlash last week after pictures of her smiling and posing with animals she killed went viral last week.

Alongside her dad Eli, who encourages her violent behaviour, she explained that she would never stop killing animals because of the personal enjoyment she gets out of it.

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She said:

I like hunting because it’s something that’s been in my family a long time. And I really enjoy the taste of the meat we kill.

Speaking about the malicious death threats, which definitely went way too far, Aryanna added: 

I’m very upset that people would value an animal’s life over another person’s. I try to ignore most of the comments I get but I do read some by accident. I just try to not let them get to me. It won’t stop me hunting. I will always hunt. It’s something that thousands of people do and it’s never going to stop.


Seemingly annoyed by Aryanna’s comments, Piers didn’t pull any punches and asked how she would feel if somebody hunted her pet cat.

And their response? Well, they were pretty pissed off to say the least:


She exclaimed:

What? You’re saying because I hunt I can’t have a cat?

Her father then chimed in, adding:

That’s a trick question! We have never killed a pet. That’s a derogatory question and it falls into the same category as the death threats. We would never think to kill somebody’s pet!

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This all kicked off when Aryanna, from Utah, was blasted on social media after photos of her posing with wild animals she had slaughtered on safari went viral.

But soon after, she said she was determined to carry on with her hobby, and that she had no regrets about killing the giraffe, zebra and wildebeest, despite being labelled a ‘murderer’.

To try and defend their actions, Eli claimed that the meat from their kills fed hundreds of orphans and they were part of a conservation effort.

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Whether that’s the case or not, in future they might want to avoid posting such pics online as these shocking images were always guaranteed to garner a lot of hate.