Teen Surprised To Spot ‘Monster’ Claw Poking Out Of Ceiling Hole In Australia


Australian Teen Surprised To Spot 'Monster' Claw Poking Out Of Ceiling Holeoiyeahnahyeah/TikTok

Picture the scene: you’re chilling in your bedroom, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you hear some strange sounds coming from your attic.

Not sounds that can just be shrugged off either, oh no. These noises sound like they’ve come straight from a horror film, the scratching and screeching preventing you from falling asleep even in the early hours of the morning.


Now imagine going to find the source of those noises and discovering a creepy ‘monster’-like claw staring back at you. You’d be pretty terrified, right? Apparently not, with one Australian teenager who found herself in that exact situation recently taking the whole thing in her stride.

Check it out:


Zhane Blaxland, from Brisbane, first discovered the claw after a possum somehow managed to bite a hole in her ceiling – although she already knew he lived up there because she could hear him.


Sharing her discovery to TikTok, the 19-year-old asked her followers: ‘WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT KIND OF MONSTER HAVE I LET INTO MY CEILING why does it look like that?’, before adding: ‘When I tell you I nearly shit myself-‘.

monster claw possumoiyeahnahyeah/TikTok

Luckily she wasn’t too freaked out in the end, because her family have ‘always had possums in our ceilings’,’ with Zhane telling UNILAD: ‘It’s just kind of something all Australians have to deal with.’

In fact, the teenager suspects there might be more than one possum up in their attic, particularly because she can often hear the sound of fighting, ‘Which is kind of scary to hear at 2am when I’m trying to sleep,’ she says.

girl discovers possumoiyeahnahyeah/TikTok

Zhane told UNILAD:

He can get very noisy, he lives right above my bedroom and I often hear him scratching and screeching. I was surprised to see that he had bitten a hole in my ceiling… I’ve never seen a possum actually dig a hole into the roof before. But I was excited because I love wildlife.

After her initial surprise wore off, Zhane decided to start feeding her new friend – although she can’t feed him too often because ‘it’s really bad for him’. As a compromise, she gives him a grape or a little bit of banana every couple of days – something her dad is ‘really unhappy’ with her for.

teenager finds possum in ceilingoiyeahnahyeah/TikTok

Why is her dad so upset, you might be wondering? Well, although he’s ‘proud’ her videos have done so well – the first video got over 20 million views – he thinks her feeding the possum will encourage it to stay.

‘The possums eventually die in the ceiling and they’re really hard to get out,’ Zhane explained. ‘Plus they’re loud and they pee everywhere.’ Luckily, her mum can see the funny side – she thinks it’s ‘hilarious’ – and her little brother and sister find it ‘cool’.

But while the possum is ‘pretty friendly’ when she’s giving him food, this isn’t always the case. ‘I once went up into the ceiling and he was hissing at me,’ the teenager said. Another time, he started ‘screeching and running around’ when she went into his space.

possum in ceiling 2oiyeahnahyeah/TikTok

Thankfully they seem to be getting on just fine now though, with Zhane continuing to document the possum’s antics on her TikTok account.

What an adorable little guy.

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