Teenager Wakes Up To Find Terrifying ‘Prank’ In Her Bathroom

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jul 2016 09:48

There are some things you simply don’t expect to find in your bathroom – and a six foot crocodile is probably one of them. 


Admittedly the reptiles are pretty common in Australia’s Northern Territory, but you still don’t often wake up to one guarding your toilet.

According to Mashable, sixteen-year-old Coralie Myers awoke to a Snapchat from her housemate with the caption: “When you wake up to a random crocodile in your bathroom.”


It is currently unknown exactly how the crocodile ended up in Coralie’s house, reports Nine News Darwin, although she must have her suspicions…


However, the teenager seemed relatively unperturbed by the disturbing discovery, telling NT News she was ‘more concerned’ that someone had snuck into her house than the fact they’d deposited a fucking apex predator in there.

Crocodile ranger Tom Nichols – who was called to deal with the ‘intruder’ said the female crocodile was in ‘bad shape’ after being left with a tied mouth but unrestrained limbs.

croc3croc3Channel 9

Nichols and Coralie manged to secure the crocodile before taking it to a local croc farm to recover from its ordeal.

Local police are now searching for the culprits of this dangerous, not to mention, cruel prank.

Fair play to Coralie for her calmness – I lose my shit when there’s a spider in the bath…

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