Terrifying Footage Of Sinister Ripped Kangaroo Is The Stuff Of Nightmares



Some of the most sinister and disturbing footage ever seen has been posted to Twitter – if you don’t like kangaroos look away now.

So you’re alone in your house and you hear a tapping at your window – nothing to worry about, it’s probably the window cleaners, or a neighbour who’s locked themselves out.

Oh actually no, it’s a fucking terrifyingly ripped kangaroo slowly scraping its hideous, evil looking claws against the window.

As if that wasn’t enough, it then starts to throw itself against the few millimetres of glass which is the only thing standing between you and a gruesome disembowelling at the hands of a hench marsupial.

According to Brief Report, the video was posted on Twitter by Cat Karskens and has now been shared over 9,000 times – presumably before people began tearing their houses apart searching for anything to use to barricade their doors and windows.

Although it turns out the kangaroo was actually just fighting with its own reflection,  as the Internet became aware of the official new face of terror, speculations began to circulate about a horrifying new race of zombie kangaroos: 

If anyone needs me I’ll be busy stocking up on bottled water, tinned food and batteries before barricading myself into my basement.